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The Academy of Korean Studies (Seognnam, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea - В.А.) is pleased to announce "Korean Studies Grant 2012". The aim of Korean Studies Grant is to deepen the world's understanding of Korea by supporting academic activities that will help spread Korean studies and nurture talented scholars of Korean studies.

A. Programs
a. Competitive Research Funding (The program supports investigator-chosen individual or collaborative research on Korea-related subjects)
b. Workshop and Conference Support (The program supports academic workshops and conferences on Korea-related subjects which will be held between November, 2012 and May, 2013)
c. Publication Subsidy (The program supports the publication of scholarly books on Korea-related subjects. It is mandated to support scholarship that makes a substantial contribution to knowledge.)

B. Required Documents
a. One original application should be submitted by postal mail, and a completed electronic copy should be sent to the following email address:
Download applications and guideline(ENG, KOR):
b. Applicant's information should be supplied at KSNet ( If an internet connection is not available, please complete the questionnaires (form 8) and send them by email:

C. Submission Deadline:
September 28, 2012
* Note: Applications after the deadline will not be considered. An e-mailed application without a hard copy will not be accepted.

D. Contact Information for Inquiries
We cordially ask you to contact for inquiries.
* Note: Applicants are not allowed to visit us from the period of submission of application to the notification of result (from September to November, 2012).

E. Mailing Address
Postal Address:
Promotion for Korean Studies Abroad Division, Center for International Affairs, The Academy of Korean Studies Library No. 113, 50 Unjung-dong (or 323 Haogae-ro), Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 463-791, Republic of Korea
* Note: Please write "Application for Korean Studies Grant" on the envelope.
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