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ВЧЕРАШНИЙ запуск пробудил интерес к Северу, я вспомнил об одной не так уж давней публикации. Не помню, чтобы кто-нибудь упоминал о ней. Желающие могут глянуть картинки, потренироваться в чтении текста (последнее важно для тех, кто готовится к сдаче теста IELTS, произносится "ай-и-эл-ти-эс").

North Koreans are not automatons but citizens, loyal but misinformed, curious and educated. Whether in schools, billiard halls, or karaoke bars (Some Pyongyang girls have perfected Celine Dion's "Titanic" theme song), the people can be quite open about their concerns. Some mothers would rather their kids practice the piano than spend hours training for the mass games; some teachers want their kids to focus more on math.<...>

North Koreans are no longer afraid or suspicious to engage with foreigners. Soldiers and students, bus drivers and guards, all smile and wave, snap pictures and shake hands. We encountered locals at the mass games, film studios, world's deepest underground metro, art schools, and delicious restaurants. This is not a society voluntarily marching in lockstep. Like Iranians and Cubans, they are told one story but increasingly encounter the other viewpoints through media and tourism. Our appreciation of their beautiful cultural offerings reminds them that they are a rich civilization temporarily trapped in an anachronistic state.

Полностью читать здесь.

Typhoon tourism: One week in North Korea
By Parag Khanna, special for CNN
September 17, 2012 -- Updated 1342 GMT (2142 HKT)*

На страничке есть фото и несколько видео.

Остроумные комментарии Г. Дженкинса:

"you'll clear the airport with an efficiency that puts New York's JFK to shame." HEY PARAG ALL AIRPORTS PUT JFK TO SHAME.

"Pyongyong elites check in dzns of boxes of household goods from electronics to wine glasses" WHAT, ELITES DOING WELL, IT'S LIKE THEY'RE US.

Также см. интервью Канны на CNBC.


* Editor's note: Parag Khanna is a senior fellow at the New America Foundation. His books include "The Second World," "How to Run the World," and "Hybrid Reality."
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