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НЕКОТОРЫЕ, возможно, считают спор Кореи и Японии из-за двух скалистых отростков, торчащих из-под воды, никчёмным, однако почему же территориальные споры из-за крошечных скал в море не редкость? Причина их - неизменная, сто процентов соответствующая человеческой природе ("это моё"), в других терминах и по сути - экономическая. В Канаде снова заговорили о Мачайас Сил айленде...

Tiny, rocky island subject of dispute between Canada and United States

A tiny island between New Brunswick and Maine is the subject of renewed calls from both sides of the border to settle a territorial dispute once and for all.

Machias Seal Island is a flat, treeless piece of rock located about 19 kilometres south of Grand Manan Island and 16 kilometres west of the Maine coast at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. The island is a sanctuary for many kinds of seabirds including the Atlantic Puffin and draws visitors from around the world to observe them in the summer.

There are no permanent human residents on the island, just pairs of lightkeepers who spend 28 days at a time maintaining a lighthouse operated by the Canadian Coast Guard. The original lighthouse was built by the British in 1832, and a lighthouse has been maintained there ever since. So why would anyone even care which country gets title to Machias Seal Island?

The answer lies in the 720 square kilometres of water around the island in what's called a grey zone. Lobster fishermen from both Canada and the U.S. fish these waters. <...>

Целиком статью можно почитать здесь. Об острове написано в "Википедии".
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