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Instagram, Twitter posts begin to flow from North Korean 3G network

ВДОГОНКУ к предыдущей записи.


This week, tourists (and at least one reporter) visiting North Korea began accessing the web directly from their smartphones, through the country's Koryolink 3G network. Associated Press journalist Jean H. Lee has been tweeting from Pyongyang since Monday, though she didn't get around to detailing the service until yesterday. Her tweet, "Hello world from comms center in #Pyongyang," is believed to be the first to come through the new wireless data service, which can be activated for the princely sum of €75 (about $100). From there, data rates range from €150 for 2GB to €400 for 10 gigs (выделено мной - В.А.), according to a DailyNK report. (Those tariffs should come as no surprise to DPRK visitors, who often shell out thousands for week-long tours that include meager accommodations and constant monitoring.) <...>

По наводке danochka подписалась в инстаграме на сотрудницу посольства http://instagram.com/p/R2J1VSSySj/ Пхеньяна у неё не оч много, но надо будет на досуге в геотэги потыкать :)