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В ПРОШЛОМ году совместный северокорейско-британско-бельгийский художественный фильм "Ким взлетает ввысь" ("김동무는 하늘을 난다", буквальный, дословный перевод "Товарищ Ким взлетает в небо", английское название - "Comrade Kim Goes Flying", в России его окрестили "Товарищ Ким хочет летать") был показан на кинофестивалях в Торонто (международная премьера) и Пусане. Теперь он проник в Штаты. Об этом рассказывает "The Wall Street Journal".

Время для показа на американских кинофестивалях, без шуток, выбрано как нельзя более подходящее...

Caamfest, San Francisco
March 23, 24
Hawaii International Film Festival
April 7, 10
Wisconsin Film Festival
April 12, 14, 16

"Comrade Kim Goes Flying" is a rarity: a feature filmed by Westerners inside reclusive North Korea. A joint Belgian-U.K.-North Korean venture involving a two-time Oscar nominee, it has already been screened for audiences on both sides of the Korean border and is now playing on the festival circuit in the U.S.

This unusual movie is in the feel-good style of a Doris Day-Rock Hudson picture, only in this case "Rock" is a circus acrobat, swooning at the sight of "Doris" hauling coal and mixing cement. To Westerners, this is bound to sound like a cheesy product of the Hermit Kingdom's propaganda machine. "But North Koreans have never seen a film like this," said Nicholas Bonner, one of the movie's directors and producers, a British expat who has also spent nearly two decades running Beijing-based Koryo Tours, a travel agency for Westerners visiting North Korea. "In North Korea, you rarely see an individual triumphing, and rarely a story about a woman," he noted, dryly adding: "Unless she's dying."

<...> Mr. Bonner prefers audience reactions. He recalled that when "Comrade Kim" screened recently at South Korea's Busan International Film Festival — rare for a North Korean film — one viewer jumped up and shouted: "It's good to see that mother-in-laws in the north are just like in South Korea." (выделено мной - В.А.)

(Остальное см. по ссылке выше).

О фильме рассказывала ВВС.
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