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СРЕДИ студентов ЛШЭ (Лондон, Великобритания), побывавших с Дж. Суини в КНДР, была студентка из России. В интервью The Independent она высказала отличное от других мнение.

The director of the LSE Professor Craig Calhoun said the BBC had initially tried to persuade the university authorities to conceal its unwitting involvement from staff and students but had feared the story would leak out.

“The entire enterprise was reckless and irresponsible from start to finish, as well as deeply dishonest,” he said. <...>

But Mila Akimova, 21, an MSc student from Russia who was on the trip told The Independent she was happy with the arrangements and met Mr Sweeney and a colleague in Beijing two days before they were due to fly to North Korea. She said the students were told their rooms could be bugged and to avoid making any reference to the documentary crew.

Ms Akimova said the group visited a number of landmarks during the eight day visit in March including the Arch of Triumph and the mausoleum of Kim il Sung. They were also shown a mineral water plant, a farm, an empty factory and a deserted university but were restricted from interacting with local people.

I went on the trip fully aware that if we were discovered we may even be arrested - which is the reason I insisted on using my Russian passport … The BBC lied to North Korea - but in my opinion a regime like that deserves to be lied to, and it surprises me that the LSE - after the Gaddafi scandal - is trying to cancel a documentary exposing a dictatorship,” she said.

Замечание в сторону. У меня ощущение (оно сложилось давно), что представители наций, не так давно освободившихся от (здесь позволю себе употребить расхожее выражение, хотя я не любитель его) тоталитарных режимов, более других нетерпимы к тому, что напоминает о недалёком прошлом их стран. Здесь критика "диктаторского режима", возможно, ещё и уловка, способ оправдать собственную ошибку, ошибку людей, близких тебе. У одного из моих знакомых привычка бросать в унитаз предметы вроде зубочисток. В случае засорения унитаза и вызова сантехника знакомый ругает конструкцию унитаза и низкую квалификацию сантехника.
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