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I love it. It's going to be funny. Дело обещает быть интересным с юридической точки зрения.

Federal prosecutors stirred controversy in legal circles by refusing to grant Dzhokhar his Miranda rights against self-incrimination, citing public safety concerns.

Больше здесь.

Американские граждане высказывают свои мнения (ниже комментарий к статье по первой ссылке):

Had they read him his Miranda rights, any defense attorney would have challenged his understanding his rights in the mental condition he was in and probably had a valid point. I do not know what they have asked him or if they have questioned him at all about the crime based upon his condition and the surgeries. We will all find out, but the Miranda controversy is a classic case of no matter what they did, the ACLU and his public defender would have challenged the validity of the decision.

Miranda rights, иначе the Miranda warning - по-русски как будто бы "правило Миранды". О правах Миранды можно подробно почитать в англоязычной Википедии (всегда полезно читать оригинал).

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