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ВОЗМОЖНО, многие знают об этом... Пару недель назад в рубрике "Once Upon a Time", "Давным-давно в..." на Foreign Policy появились фотографии старого Пхеньяна с комментариями - Once Upon a Time in Pyongyang. Rare images of Korea before the Kims.

Today, images of daily life in North Korea are a rare sight, often met with fascination. But this wasn't always the case. For a brief period in the early 20th century, after the 1910 fall of the original "Hermit Kingdom" - the Choson dynasty - and before the division of the Korean Peninsula in 1945, Pyongyang, then a provincial capital, was open and growing. The city served as a focal point for Western Protestant missionaries in Asia, prompting some to call it the "Jerusalem of the East." <...>

Here's a rare look inside Pyongyang at the time - known then by its Japanese name, Heijo - through pictures drawn from a number of collections housed at the University of Southern California's digital archives, including the Maryknoll Mission Archives.


За пару месяцев до этого там же были выложены фотографии Сеула - Once Upon a Time in Seoul. Remarkable images of South Korea, before Samsung and PSY. Возможно, кое-кто видел эти фотографии на KoreaBANG.

The Seoul we know today is a dazzling city of neck-cramping skyscrapers and head-spinning change. It's the capital of a country often held up as the ultimate Asian success story: South Korea's GDP per capita of $32,000 per year ranks its citizens among the richest in the world. It's the pop culture capital of the region, pumping out soap operas enjoyed from Japan to Afghanistan, and K-pop superstars known on every corner of the planet. And, with almost 95 percent of its residents on broadband, it's the most wired city in the world. <...>

For all the benefits economic development has brought, the speed of change has left some Seoul residents feeling a little woozy. The frenetic pace and cramped quarters of the capital can be stressful: South Korea has one of the world's highest suicide rates, and Koreans are famously heavy drinkers.

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