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В "The New York Times" прочитал: одно занятное судебное разбирательство в Южной Корее завершилось тем, что Верховный суд постановил, что правом на наследство, оставленное гражданином Республики Корея, в равной степени обладают его дети, граждане КНДР.

The Supreme Court of South Korea has ruled for the first time that North Korean children of a South Korean citizen have the right to inherit their deceased parent’s property, court officials said on Thursday. The verdict set a legal precedent with far-reaching implications on the divided Korean Peninsula, as it opened the way for what could be a flood of similar lawsuits (выделено мною. - В.А.).

Полностью статью можно прочитать здесь.

Интересно, что "технически" (technically) это судебное решение - не бог весть что, потому что Юг и Север по конституциям обеих стран - одна страна. Другое дело, что страны разделены и фактически являются независимыми государствами, к тому же денежные транзакции в КНДР практически невозможны. Что делать наследникам? Перебираться в Китай?

Похожие судебные разбирательства были в прошлом.

In 2005, the grandson of a dead North Korean novelist won a lawsuit against a South Korean publisher, which was accused of violating the novelist’s copyrights. In 2011, an 86-year-old North Korean man helped his South Korean daughter win back his land held by a provincial government in the South after he learned that his wife in the South had never remarried after their separation during the war.

In 2011, a North Korean woman defected to South Korea to sue her step-grandmother for a share of an inheritance from her late grandfather. The grandfather met the North Korean woman, his only surviving kin in the North, for the first time in the 1990s, when the two Koreas promoted political reconciliation and allowed family reunions for limited numbers of people. He had since regularly sent her cash through brokers in China. When the cash stopped coming after the man’s death, the North Korean granddaughter defected to the South to claim her share.
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