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ПРОЧИТАЛ хорошую новость: Дэвида Гуттенфелдера назвали Инстаграм фотографом года.

David Guttenfelder is TIME’s pick for Instagram photographer of the year. The veteran photojournalist is a seven-time World Press Photo award-winner. He has traveled the world for the Associated Press, covering wars, elections and natural disasters in over 75 countries. But in 2013, Guttenfelder, the AP’s chief Asia photographer, won over a new audience after he became one of the first foreign photographers to be granted the ability to work in North Korea. And he featured some of his most striking, intimate pictures from the Hermit Kingdom on Instagram.

Guttenfelder instagram(1)

Guttenfelder instagram(2)

<...> Because much of what he does in North Korea is rushed and shepherded by official guides, Guttenfelder says the country “is not the kind of place where you can make what photojournalists call good pictures very easily.” Instead, says Guttenfelder, “it’s really more about the sum of all the parts. When you add up all the pieces something interesting starts to emerge.” To that end, Guttenfelder, who studied anthropology in university, has compiled a running series of North Korean “artifacts” on his Instagram feed: curios and knick-knacks collected in his travels there that are in equal measure mundane, dated, alien. “They are little pieces of the puzzle I’m putting together,” he says.

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Кольнула зависть. Когда меня назовут фотографом года?

Вчера вечером посмотрел корректуру. Должны были дать знать, нужно ли идти в печатню, но знака нет. Ну их. Пойду прокачусь до клуба, авось встречусь с товарищами. Они сегодня катаются по заснеженным грунтовкам в горах. Уже полдень. Сейчас, наверно, карабкаются по альпинистской тропе, покоряют Пик, С Которого Видно Восходящее Солнце, Ильчхульбон. Надо поспешать.
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