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The World Congress for Korean Studies 2007

The World Congress for Korean Studies 2007
- Korea in the World: Democracy, Peace, Prosperity and Culture -
Call for Papers and Participation

The World Congress for Korean Studies 2007 by the Korean Political Science Association will be held in Busan, South Korea, from 23 to 25 August. The main theme for the Congress is "Korea in the World: Democracy, Peace, Prosperity and Culture."

The congress will provide a forum to discuss the latest developments in and around Korea covering a variety of fields of study; research on the issues of leadership, state governance, gender politics, foreign policy, and inter-Korean relations; studies on Korean economy ranging from the issues of economic viability to debates on social fairness; discussion on cultural aspects of Korean society dealing with art, literature, linguistics, and the phenomenon of Hallyu; papers written on Korean history from ancient times to current affairs; sociological investigation of, for example, the problem of aging and low-fertility rate, exodus of young students, and subjects related to migrant workers, etc.

The hosting organization, the Korean Political Science Association (KPSA hereafter) is one of the most prestigious academic associations in Korea mainly composed of scholars of mainly Political Science, Public Administration, and related disciplines. Founded in 1953, it has grown into the largest academic organization in Korea with active membership of over 2,000 individual scholars and institutions. The KPSA seeks to encourage academic activities and intellectual dialogue among scholars and to promote academic exchanges and mutual understanding between Korean and foreign scholars.

Expected to be the largest ever academic gathering of Korean specialists in the world, the Congress will provide all participants with an invaluable opportunity to expose themselves to and exchange information and ideas with scholars coming from different parts of the world with wide range of academic disciplines. An added value of the Congress can be found in its location: Busan, Korea.

Busan, nestled in the southern tip of the country, is the second largest city in Korea, which the largest container handling port in the country and the third largest in the world. The city is one of the favorite tourist destinations during the summer in Korea. Its spectacular view of rugged beaches and well-preserved historical sites along with vibrant economy attracts millions of people all year round. One of the venues of the Congress, Noorimaru, is the place that proudly and successfully hosted the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit meeting in November, 2005. The plenary sessions will be held in Nurimaru on the first day of the Congress. The BEXCO complex, the other venue of the Congress where all other panels will convene in the second and third days, is also renowned for the quality of its facilities as a convention center. Adjacent to the beach of Haewoondae, which boasts the most beautiful scenery in Busan, both venues will give the participants a pleasant memory of beautiful landscape, comfort of summer resort, warm hospitality, and state-of-the-art amenities for conventions.

We welcome submission of papers, full-panel and roundtable proposals for any of the areas mentioned above and other related fields. We also encourage graduate students' participation in the Congress.

Deadline for the submission of a paper and panel proposal: May 15, 2007.
• Papers for presentation can be written either in English or in Korean. Please indicate whether you wish to participate in an English panel or a Korean Panel.
• Due for papers is Aug. 1.

Registration fee: US $150
• US $100 for early registration before May 15;
• KPSA members exempt.

Accommodation & meals: to be borne by the KPSA (Please see below)
• The KPSA will guarantee accommodation for those who register before June 15.
• The KPSA will cover 3 nights (Aug. 22-24) of accommodation and 9 meals (supper on 22nd - lunch on 25th at the designated restaurant).
• We will try to accommodate late applicants as well, but room assignment is not guaranteed.
• Participants will be lodged in Sea Cloud Hotel near the Congress site. Newly built and majestically standing on Hawoondae beach, the hotel offers breath-taking ocean view from every room.

Transportation including air & incidentals: to be borne by participants
• Partial or full financial assistance for airfare and registration to scholars from developing countries may be given upon request and on the competitive basis.

* For further information concerning the conference and the application process for participation, please contact the Program Director at

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