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Korean Studies Translation Grant for 2007

The Academy of Korean Studies is supporting translation of Korean Studies books to promote the growth of educational and academic activities related to Korean Studies overseas. Those concerned with this area of Korean Studies at home and abroad are encouraged to participate in the project.

1. Translation Materials
1) Korean studies books and other written works not previously translated.

2. Language
1) Korean to English

3. Applicant Qualifications
1) Korean studies scholars who have research, academic, or translation experience.
2) The original book’s author is encouraged to participate in the project.

4. Required Documents
- Application form and Translation Schedule
- Curriculum vitae for each person involved in the project
- Reference page of translated publications and books/papers written in English

5. Application Period and Announcement of Selection
1) Deadline for Submission: May 31, 2007
2) Announcement of Selection: June

Those selected will be notified individually in June.

6. Time Frame
One-Two Years

7. Grant Amount & Privilege
1) Grant Amount
ⓐ Book: Each letter of Original Text (including blank) = 30 won
(Total = Average number of letters in 5 pages of Original Text × Total Pages × 30won)
※Differential grant depending on evaluation
ⓑ Other Written Materials: 30,000 won per A4 page

2) Privilege
One overseas resident on the translation team will be offered an economy-class roundtrip airfare (up to US$1,500) and on-campus accommodation for a short-term stay at AKS for team meetings or related research which would improve the quality of the translation.

8. Applicant and Grant Recipient Obligations
- Translation should be a team effort and must include at least one native speaker of English who is a Korean studies scholar.
- The grant recipient is required to submit an interim report with accompanying documents within six months after signing the contract, and the final manuscript and materials are to be submitted within six months after submitting the interim report and materials.
- Those who for reasons of illness or accident are not able to continue the project should notify AKS in writing. In this case, the awarded grant and translation thus far should be returned to AKS.
- The project may not be altered subsequent to support being granted and should be completed within the time agreed upon. In order to alter the grant conditions, the grant recipient should gain prior AKS approval.
- Translators should use the new romanization system, proclaimed on July 4, 2000, by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Korea.

9. Copyright Information
- Copyright of the translated work belongs to AKS.
- Applicant is responsible for obtaining copyright approval of the original text.
(Original authors and translators will be listed in translation.)
- Grant includes all costs including copyright fee.

10. Interim Report and other required materials
- Submission date: The grant recipient is required to submit at least 30% of the translation by the agreed upon date from the translation timeline.
- Required materials: Interim report and translation (both hard copy and computer file) thus far with a copy of the same in the original.
- Evaluation: After reviewing the interim report and materials, AKS will decide whether or not to continue funding the translation.
(AKS reserves the right to suspend or adjust the grant amount or demand the return of all or part of the grant in the case of bad or insufficient work.)

11. Final Report and other required materials
- Required Materials: Final manuscript (both hard copy and computer file), copy of the original, and a native speaker's proofreading verification.
- Evaluation: After reviewing the final manuscript and materials, AKS will decide whether or not to award the remaining grant funds.
(AKS reserves the right to suspend or adjust the amount of the grant or demand the return of all or part of the grant awarded in case of bad or insufficient work.)

12. Restrictions
- If the following cases arise, AKS reserves the right to suspend or adjust the amount of the grant or demand the return of all or part of the grant.
A. If erroneous information is discovered in the application or supporting materials
B. If the grant recipients are found to have used the grant for purposes other than those specified in the contract
C. If fulfilling the terms of the contract becomes impossible
D. If the translation is deemed substandard by the evaluation committee
E. If the grant recipient's demand is considered inappropriate
- Other contingencies not specified in this guideline will be dealt with in accordance with AKS's decision.

13. Mailing Address
Ms. Nansook Jung
International Support Division
Center for Information on Korean Culture
The Academy of Korean Studies
#106 Unjungkwan, 50 Unjung-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea <463-791>
Tel: +82-31-709-9843
Fax: +82-31-709-9945
- Applicants should send the application materials via e-mail no later than May 31, 2007, and then send the originals by post.
- Indicate “Application Documents for Translation Grant”on the envelope.


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