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С СЕГОДНЯШНЕГО дня в Онтарио действуют изменённые правила дорожного движения. Три правила касаются велосипедистов*.


Passing cyclists

Ontario drivers must leave at least one metre of space when passing cyclists where possible, or face a minimum fine of $110 and two demerit points. The fine increases to $180 if motorists don't leave enough space when passing cyclists in a community safety zone.

Bicycle lighting

Cyclists who ride without proper bike lights and reflectors** now face a minimum fine of $110, up from $20.

That fine is slightly higher than Alberta, where cyclists may face a $100 for riding a bike at night without lights. In Quebec, cyclists face a fine of $37 if they don't have proper reflectors, and an additional $36 fine for riding at night without lights.

Hitting cyclists or vehicles with door

Motorists who open their doors without looking, causing cyclists to crash into them, now face a minimum fine of $365 and three demerit points. The previous minimum fines were $60 to $500, according to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Как видно, изменения касаются сумм штрафов. Пойду, прокачусь. Проверю, как работают новые правила.


* В Онтарио каждый день на велосипед садится около 1,2 миллиона человек. Многие онтарийцы ездят на велосипедах на работу.

** Из ПДД: A bike must have a white front light and a red rear light or reflector if you ride between ½ hour before sunset and ½ hour after sunrise, and white reflective tape on the front forks and red reflective tape on rear forks.
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