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New Korean Studies Grant for 2007

Рекомендую обратить внимание на то, что помещено ниже, не только тем, кто увлечен персональными научными планами, и не только кореистам, но и главам корейских научных центров, коих много нынче по России, а также тем, кто занимается смежными дисциплинами.


SIKS (Strategic Initiatives for Korean Studies) in The Academy of Korean Studies in Korea is pleased to announce a very new grant for Korean Studies for 2007. The aim of this grant is not only to publish excellent books on Korea, but also to help research on Korea.

The grant is composed of three <...>: (1) Book-writing on Modern Korea, (2) Translation of Korean Classics, and (3) Publication Subsidy. This grant is newly launched with the support of the Ministry of Education since May 2007. The total budget of this new grant is more than one million USD for each year. Individuals and research institutions related to Korean Studies are strongly encouraged to apply. Please be reminded that selected institutions in 2007 will be supported for the next three years. The support can be renewed depending on the result of the evaluation of the first three years' achievements. So this is an invaluable opportunity for research institutions. Applications are welcomed not only from koreanists, but also scholars of related studies.

Application deadline: September 28, 2007.

For details, see the attached files or visit (in Korean). *Its own web will be open in late August,

Please direct any questions to the grant at

Director Do Hyun Han
Strategic Initiatives for Korean Studies
Academy of Korean Studies
50 Unjung-dong, Bundang-gu,
Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
463-791 Republic of Korea
Tel: (82) 31-709-5977 Fax: (82) 31-708-5311


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