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International Conference on Celibacy and Enlightenment / Salvation August 2 –3, 2007

Совсем скоро в Сеуле пройдет интересная конференция. Помещаю информацию здесь на тот случай, если сюда вдруг заглянет кто-нибудь из интересующихся различными аспектами буддистской жизни.


On behalf of the International Center for Korean Studies (ICKS) at Korea University, I would like to welcome you to this international forum on Buddhism. Hosted in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of Korea University’s Institute of Korean Culture, this year’s conference is the third in a series of gatherings. We are delighted that you have been able to attend.

Our center has been at the forefront of Korea University’s endeavor to establish itself as an internationally renowned institution of higher education, particularly with regard to research on Korea. Buddhism, of course, constitutes an important aspect of Korea’s traditional culture. At the same time, Buddhism is important to a variety of cultures. As such, an understanding of the religious/ cultural traditions associated with Buddhism can be a means of understanding not only Korean culture, but many cultures. Moreover, as Buddhism itself is not a singular tradition, we are hopeful our topic, “Celibacy and Enlightenment/ Salvation,” will enable us to investigate Buddhist thought and practice diachronically, in a number of places, and in relation to other socioreligious systems.

I sincerely hope that your participation will prove to be personally rewarding. I hope, too, that our gathering will help foster broader academic discussions in both Buddhist and Korean Studies.

Thank you for coming so far to share your ideas and to make this event a success. We are so glad you are here.

Sungtaek Cho
International Center for Korean Studies

PS. Online registration at
Please register before August 1, 2007

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