October 19th, 2008

Tiger and Magpie

Preliminary notes to "Hospitals and emergency clinics in Korea"

Hi. It's been a long week.

I'm writing these lines from a private clinic in district Yuseong 유성구, of Greater Daejeon area 대전.

Yesterday, Yuseong MTB Club had its usual "long-distance riding" schedule. Actually riding was not that long. We started in Yuseong, at a place near the ChungNam State University 충남대, and headed for Gyeryong-shi 계룡 (f. Sindoan 신도안), a tiny township some 20 kms away from the city, where the premises of the Korean Army hearquarters served as, for six days, the playground for the Korea Ground Forces' Festival 지상군 페스티벌 combined with Gyeryong Festival of Military Culture 계룡 군 문화축제, both dedicated to Korean Army's 60th anniversary.
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