March 31st, 2010

Tiger and Magpie

FUTH - Summer School for Graduate Students and Young Scholars

The Flying University of Transnational Humanities (FUTH) is an annual summer school and year-round online forum for researchers and graduate students from all over the world interested in the transnational paradigm of humanistic inquiry.

The Flying University takes its name and immediate inspiration from Poland’s Flying University, a roaming educational enterprise which offered post-secondary education outside the remit of state control and government censorship. FUTH is particularly concerned with developing critical understandings that are resistant to the ideological and ideational hegemony of the nation-state and the epistemological and hermeneutic conventions that support it. This does not mean that FUTH seeks to dispense with the “national” and construct a reified “transnational” to replace it or to foster “transnationalism” as an ideological alternative to “nationalism.” FUTH aims to free our imaginations from the regime of the nation-state and to offer new ways of thinking about the political, social and cultural order of the world, both past and present.

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