August 24th, 2011

Tiger and Magpie


Canada has officially declined an invitation from the South Korean government to participate in Expo 2012, saying it can't afford to attend the World's Fair.

Heritage Minister James Moore <...> said the federal government is committed to other things.

"At this time, our government is committed to a number of key domestic priorities, including a return to a balanced budget through stringent fiscal discipline that will prevent Canada's participation," said Moore's letter.

The letter congratulates South Korea for its selection to host the 2018 Winter Olympics at PyeongChang.

<...> A Harris-Decima report commissioned for Heritage Canada following Canada's participation in Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China indicated that Canada is not a top draw at world expositions. Expo 2010 was attended by 246 countries and international organizations, including a record 73 million visitors, but Canada was not viewed as a priority stop for visitors, said the report. <...> Interest in the Canadian pavilion did increase, however, when world-renowned Canadian performers Cirque de Soleil arrived, the report said.

"The shallow understanding of Canada, of Canadians and what is unique about Canada hinders top-of-mind interest in visiting the Canadian pavilion," said the report.

<...> Canada and Greece are the only two countries to decline Expo 2012 invitations for economic reasons.

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Tiger and Magpie


1 В некий день Он спросил у К: "Согласишься ли ты умереть, если тебе сказать, что от этого будет благо?",
2 И К подумал: всё сказанное Всевышнему исполняется в точном соответствии с тем, что скажешь Ему, и страшась смерти, сказал:
3 "Я желал бы блага в этой жизни".