September 29th, 2015

Tiger and Magpie


У МУЖИКА бизнес: он изготавливает поленья для каминов. Полено стоит $1,200 (ок. 60 тысяч руб.), горсть щепок (растопка) - $499 (ок. 25 тысяч руб.).

Из комментариев:


"In early 2014 we moved into our new house and I wanted something special to christen the fire pit with. I bought a nice bundle of kindling from him for $250. It's a bit more expensive now that he's gotten his name out there a little more." (И, впрямь, судя по видео, цена подскочила: теперь растопка стоит $499 - В.А.).

"He has a nice apron."

"$3000 per bundles' worth for knotted twisty elm. Split it yourself for hours and hours and hours of fun!"

"And lose weight!"

"The ginger-rubbing was a nice touch."

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