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ЭНЕРГИЧНАЯ miss_cancan написала о моём земляке, который совершает велопутешествие через Россию и в настоящий момент сидит с её мужем в бане, пьёт самогонку, ест сало, грибы... Я заинтересовался: кто такой? Почему не знаю? И шпионка с крепким телом прислала линк на блог путешественника. На первой странице его написано: A bike trip 19 years in the making! Across Russia and Europe on two wheels, one stomach and an infinite supply of snark. Вау!

Шон, как и я, исповедует идеи оптимизма, обладает наблюдательным взглядом, об увиденном пишет, не ёрничая, с юмором, без зауми и, что немаловажно, без орфографических и пунктуационных ошибок - точно, как я! Такие люди, как мы с Шоном, редки. Я считаю, что подобно тому, как питающие интерес к русскому языку должны в обязательном порядке читать меня, изучающие английский могут смело читать Шона! Вот как он описывает встречу с новобрачными у Старого замка в Чите (похоже, там это место вроде Стрелки Васильевского острова в Питере, Красной площади, Поклонной горы в Москве)...

The road pretty quickly started climbing into the hills south of the city, and before long I came to a point marked on my map as "Старый Замок" ("High Castle") where the hillside jutted out over the valley in a promontory, with a parking lot and viewpoint of the city.

I turned in to take some photos, and as I was doing so, a procession of cars and limousines pulled into the parking lot behind me, full of revelers and honking horns. At the side of the parking lot was a small chapel, and this was a wedding party and they were here to perform (part of) the service and take photos!

I was finishing up with my own photos, when one of the guys in the party, a bottle of champagne in each hand, wandered over to ask me the usual questions: Where was I going? Where was I from? Etc.

My responses amused him greatly and he hurried back to the wedding party to excitedly tell them all about this Canadian biker guy.

Well. Everyone decides they want to get a load of this, so all come over and ask questions and try to feed me champagne and take hundreds of pictures. Anna, the bride, is very curious about the bicycle, and is peering all over it, sitting on it sideways and trying out the handlebars.

I am clearly a fascinating part of the day's festivities!

Among the questions, I am somewhat incredulously asked (as I always am) if I'm traveling by myself?!? Yes, I am. Do I have a wife back in Canada? No, no wife.

"Ahhhhh," responds one of the guys knowingly. "That's why you're able to do this!"

Suddenly everyone's attention turns to one of the bridesmaids standing beside me: "She's single too!" This observation is cause for delight among most of those present.

Yes, well. "I'm afraid I have to finish my trip first. Then maybe I can come back to Chita and we'll see..."

After 20 minutes of this, they finally let me leave, and I am back on the road, leaving the revelry and honking behind me.

Sean in Chita
Text in English and photo © Sean Nichols

Скоро такие отчёты буду писать я.
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