atsman (atsman) wrote,

Stuck in Gwangju

It's been awfully raining since the very moment I arrived in here yesterday. What is it? Is it a typhoon period? Hasn't jangma 장마 ended a month ago?

I had a huge bowl of kalbitang 갈비탕 in the morning and now am comfortably seated in a "PC-bang" in eastern Gwangju waiting for a weather break.

Yesterday's itinerary included, as usual, a nice restaurant, a nice bar, a nice danggujang 당구장, billiard room, and finally a nice "Miller" bar. Considering my itinerary Gwanghu is no much different from Daejeon. Cuty minsok, a PhD holder from Yakutsk, was very helpful at all places.

Need to look outside now. If it's not raining, I'm going to leave immediately, find provincial road number 27 and go north. I hope to be at the Okjeongho Lake 옥정호 before it turns dark to enjoy beautiful scenery, views of mountains and the river, find a decent motel... I can go to Jeonju either. It all depends.
Tags: Корея с седла велосипеда, велопробег, корееведы, транскорейский, френды

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