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Call for Papers

(Возможно, студентам корееведческих отделений покажется достойным внимания следующее объявление. Лейденский университет - один из мировых центров корееведения и в целом востоковедения. Возглавляет корейское отделение Будэвейн Валрафен (Walraven, B.C.A.). Неподалеку от Лейдена находятся Амстердам (район красных фонарей), Заандам (домик Петра Первого)...)

2008 Korean Studies Graduate Students Convention (KSGSC) in Europe: Leiden University, The Netherlands, 21-23 AUGUST 2008

The KSGSC committee is pleased to announce the 5th convention for graduate students, hosted by the Centre for Korean Studies at Leiden University. This two and a half day conference aims to give graduate students in all Korea-related fields an opportunity to present their research, share academic interests, and strengthen ties with other junior scholars. On the back of successful previous conventions at Ruhr Universität, Bochum (2004), SOAS, London (2005), the Oriental Institute, Prague (2006), and Edinburgh University (2007), a KSGSC organization committee under the umbrella of the Association for Korean Studies in Europe (AKSE) has been set up to ensure the continuation of the conference.

Dates: August 21-23, 2008

Location: Leiden University, The Netherlands

Eligible Applicants: MA students, PhD students, and post-docs (The conference is open to applicants from outside Europe but preference in the selection process will be given to students studying at European universities)

Travel, accommodation and meals: The KSGSC organization committee will seek outside sponsoring to cover most expenses for presenters from European universities. Presenters from outside Europe should seek financial support from their own universities. Meals (lunch and one diner) will be provided for all-presenters. Non-presenting guests will be charged for meals and accommodation (if they book the hotel through KSGSC).

Submission of abstract: All those wishing to present a paper at the 2008 KSGSC are asked to submit an abstract by the end of February. Applicants will be notified of whether they have been accepted by the beginning of April.

Abstract guidelines: MS Word, max. 500 words. Please include your full name, university, title/position, e-mail address, subject area, and paper title.

Organiser contact details: e-mail: (The KSGSC committee); phone: +31 (0)71 527 23 69.


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