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NORTH KOREA has now banned the use of foreign currency in the country in order to encourage the domestic won, even though it is completely untrusted. The won is an incredibly weak currency and trades at 0.001 to one US dollar at the time of writing. Due to the currency’s weak exchange rate, the US dollar, euro or Chinese yuan are more often used in North Korea, leading to the government creating the desperate measures last month.<...>
However, sources have told RFA society may not follow the order as no shops or stalls currently trade in the won causing friction between the public and the government.
The won also has an official and unofficial black-market exchange rate with government officials claiming it is currently worth 10 times its current value.
One administrative agency official stated the new law, which came into force on May 4, has not only caused the industry in the country to be seriously hit but has also increased distrust in Kim's leadership.

NORTH KOREA has banned the use of foreign currency in local markets to force people to use the untrusted domestic won in an attempt to acquire much needed U.S. dollars and Chinese yuan from the people, sources in the country told RFA.

ACCORDING to a Daily NK source in North Korea on Monday, North Korean authorities recently created a group to crack down on price gouging in the sale of foreign currency (namely, selling foreign currency at an exchange rate higher than that set by the state) along with enforcing a ban on the large-scale buying and selling of foreign currency by individual currency brokers.
The new team, called the Group 1118, consists of members from the local offices of Ministry of State Security (MSS) and the Ministry of People’s Security (MPS), along with members of the law enforcement divisions of local people’s committees. Members of this new group reportedly monitor the activities of the foreign currency brokers registered with local police stations.
Group 1118 officials can arrest any foreign currency broker who is caught buying or selling USD on-the-spot and suspects can be detained in facilities outside of their area of residence.


Мда, теперь в КНДР просто так не поедешь. Как, какими вонами и по какому обменному курсу прикажете расплачиваться в отелях, ресторанах, магазинах? Ничего. Как-нибудь справимся и с этим.
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