Tiger and Magpie

Sponsored paid accounts?

THIS is what I've just read in the news. Hmm... Sounds tempting, but who needs paid accounts anyway?

...We made a commitment to keep you abreast of important LiveJournal developments and we want to honor that commitment and let you know about a new feature we are going to test in Russia: Paid Accounts Supported by Sponsors. The concept is simple, really. Essentially it’s a paid account, but someone else picks up the bill.

Here's how it works: Users will be offered paid accounts that are supported by sponsors. Users will be able to choose accounts from a range of brands supporting this program. Should the sponsor stop supporting this arrangement, the account will revert back to its previous type...
Sounds tempting indeed, but there's no free lunch:) I basically don't care if an ad banner pops up in my LJ records, it's their right to do what they want with their private property. It's not been annoying me so far, so I basically don't care much:)
Aha... You are the one who loves it hot after all!
I don't care much about upgrading myself not because I don't like pop-ups. I know you are allowed pictures kept and uploaded from the inside of the livejournal.com if upgraded to a higher level. But I'm fine with my basic account because I believe all people need here is some... ability to express themselves by using some primitive language and some technical skills like pushing buttons etc...^^