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7th Korean Literature Translation Contest for New Translators

ИНСТИТУТ перевода корейской литературы объявил об очередном конкурсе. Участвовать могут только те, кто еще не имеет опубликованных переводных работ.

bow_wow1, есть великолепная возможность вписать свое имя в анналы корейской и мировой истории и заработать три тысячи долларов. Ведь приличных переводчиков кот наплакал. Меня интересует только, а судьи кто будут?

 *   *   * 

To discover and encourage promising new translators of Korean literature, LTI Korea is now accepting submissions for the 7th Korean Literature Translation Contest for New Translators.

• Target languages and eligibility:
- English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese
- Those who have not previously published a translated work of Korean literature in the target language

• Applicants should select only one of the following works for translation:
- 공선옥 <빗속에서>
- 편혜영 <사육장 쪽으로>
- 윤대녕 <낙타주머니>

• The winning entries for each language will be awarded 3 million KRW.
- A commendation award of 1.5 million KRW will be given in the event that there is no first place winner.
- Round-trip airfare and accommodations will be provided to award winners residing overseas for the award ceremony.

• To apply, submit the contest application form ( and three copies of the translation between August 1 and August 29, 2008 via postal mail to:
Attn: Korean Literature Translation Contest for New Translators
Education Research Team, Korea Literature Translation Institute
22 Mudongmaeul-gil, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (135-879) South Korea

• For further information, please contact Yana Kim (tel.82-(0)2-6919-7752,, or consult the LTI Korea homepage at

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