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CROSSPOST: International Conference "East Asia and Central-Eastern Europe in Changing World"

International Conference "East Asia and Central-Eastern Europe in Changing World: Comparison", Prague ~ 20-22 May, 2009

First Notice & Call For Papers

Dear Madam/Sir,

On behalf of the Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague we would like to invite you to participate in the conference “East Asia and Central-Eastern Europe in Changing World: Comparison” scheduled for 20-22 May 2009.

The conference will be held in downtown Prague and the working language will be English.

Next year’s conference follows up with two previous international conferences organized by the Institute. Organizing these events is led by a motivation to enhance cooperation among researchers dealing with both regions in comparative perspective, and improve the level of mutual information exchange among them. The aim of the next year’s conference is to discuss political aspects of the changes that – brought about by the process of democratization, pressure of globalization and international environment in the post-Cold War era – have recently occurred in the societies of the above mentioned regions.

The conference is open to all topics relevant for comparative research of East Asia and Central-Eastern Europe in the field of political sciences. However, the Organizer places special emphasis on the comparative perspective in the following disciplinary areas:

     International Relations, Regional Integration, Geopolitics and Geostrategy;
     Comparative Politics, Political Systems and Democratization;
     Political Culture, Political Identity and Language Policy.

We invite you to submit your paper or panel proposals as well as ideas for workshops or special sections of the conference, along with other suggestions. Please pay attention to the last notice in this email suggesting you to visit the conference information website.

For more detailed information including regular call for papers, guidelines for papers or general schedule, please visit:

For any further correspondence, please contact:

On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Borivoj Hnizdo
Institute of Political Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University
U Krize 8, 158 00 Prague 5
Czech Republic

Important Dates
August 31, 2008: Applications/Proposals deadline
Sept. 30, 2008: Abstract deadline
January 2009: Notification of accepted participants
Feb. 28, 2009 Pre-Registration deadline
March 30, 2009: First drafts deadline
April 15, 2009: Final drafts deadline
May 20-22, 2009: Conference
June 30, 2009: Research papers deadline


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