Tiger and Magpie


Thank goodness someone has had the guts to stand up to Milliband's ridiculous posturing, he appears totally ignorant of the complexity of events in Georgia, not content with his pro-Saakashvilli outburst, he then had the temerity to wade in and start stirring things up in the Ukraine where there is plenty of scope for huge amounts of unrest, if not civil war! Mind you Dave Cameron's musings on the matter were equally fatuous and dangerous. What with Iraq etc. one wonders if the FO is really doing its job.

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Сайт перенапрягся и не пускает...
Кстати мин. ин. дел отрицает фак, обещая опубликовать стенограмму (я надеюсь, что фак Миллибенду все же был! ))