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2008 Publication Grant on Korean Studies

NEW DEADLINE : By November 30, 2008

The Strategic Initiative for Korean Studies (SIKS) is pleased to re-announce its 2008 Publication Grant for Korean studies. The SIKS was established in May 2007 in the Academy of Korean Studies with the support of the Ministry of Education. The SIKS provides publication grants for ① 100 Korean Classics in English and ② Modern Korea (subjects related to contemporary Korea). You may submit an application for publication of academic books related to ① and ② mentioned above.

1. Eligibility
A maximum of 10,000,000 Korean Won is awarded to books that are to be published by a prominent Academic Press in Europe or North America. Post-doc. scholars can also apply for publication subsidy to publish their dissertation on the subject of “100 Korean Classics in English” or “Modern Korea” (Priority will be given to those books which deal with Korea’s economic development or democractization)
* For the list of “100 Korean Classics in English” see

2. Application Submission
Please submit documents as follows:
- A copy of a publication contract (a provisional contract is not acceptable)
- Application for Publication Grant ☞ Download an application form
- Resume of applicant and a list of publications
* Download the files from

3. New Application Deadline, By November 30, 2008
Submit all documents via e-mail first and then send the original via international express (must be postmarked by November 30, 2008 ).

For more information,


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