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Crosspost: 2009 Korean Studies Institution Grant Announcement (Preliminary)

Since 2006, the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) has administered the Korean Studies Institution Grant with support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST). In response to the needs to develop Korean Studies overseas, AKS has helped grantees grow into centers of Korean Studies for their respective regions.

AKS would like to announce that 2009 grant applications will be accepted in March 2009. Receiving your applications and selection process will be managed by the Strategic Initiative for Korean Studies in AKS from 2009. After signing the agreement, annual review and other academic activities will be managed by the Center for Information on Korean Culture (International Support Division) in the AKS. Application website remains the same, For your reference, you may read the 2008 application guidelines from this website. You may not use the 2008 form for your application.

The final announcement and application guideline will be announced in late January 2009.

※ Contact:
Dr. Soyon Kang, email: tel: 82-31-709-5977
Ms. Hyehyun Kim, email:

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