Tiger and Magpie


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Dear Atsman!
Don't you know that the human (esp. Korean) is a social beast?
You've just caught one representative of the Korean mentality at her social function perfomance. And this function (you surely know) is as important (for the Koreans, at least) as a sexual one. You interrupted (no, even intervented) the ACT. So, what did you want? Warm treatment? Just imagine you are interrupted ... oh, no I can't say it.

And as for your Piter friends "welcoming"... Well, for me patriotic feeling means "proud" not "fear" (of smth or smbd). I'm sure the young generation of the Piter's koreanists prooved it.
P.S. Sorry for my poor English (my Russian is much better but konspiratsia and a funky keyboard)
Dear Atsman!
Don't you know that the human (esp. Korean) is a social beast
Это социальное животное в переводе? Аристотель там, конец Диогена - начало Платона?! Я, я - асоциальное животное.
С днем Учителя! Anadolu-olgy
Мне жалко людей, которые не научились нашей ленинградской вежливости. Но эта дама просто потрясла меня. Неужто жизнь среди приятных питерских интеллигентов (не говорю о ее муже!) не научила ее элементарным правилам общения с людьми, здороваться хотя бы?! Просто удивительно!
I can't get it.