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Crosspost: Preliminary call - PACKS conference, November 24-26, 2010

The 10th Biennial Pacific-Asia Conference on Korean Studies 2010 (PACKS 2010)

When: November 24 (Wednesday) - 26 (Friday), 2010
Where: University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

The 10th Biennial Pacific-Asia Conference on Korean Studies 2010 (PACKS 2010)* will be held from November 24 (Wednesday) through November 26 (Friday), 2010 at the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

We would like to invite paper and panel proposals from established and junior scholars. Proposals from postgraduate students are also encouraged. Topics related to Korea from a variety of disciplinary perspectives in the humanities and social sciences, including (but not limited to) history, linguistics, language pedagogy, literature, art, religion, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, political studies, economics, business, security and migration studies, are welcome. Special consideration will be given to papers and panels informed by a comparative perspective.

Application Due Date: February 28, 2010.
Please send the PACKS 2010 Application Form to PACKS 2010 Administrator <>. Selected presenters and panels will be notified by March 15, 2010. Submission of complete papers is expected by September 30, 2010.

Financial Support: A limited amount of funds might be available for the conference attendants for their lodging in Auckland.
Details of the support will be announced at a later stage.

Further Details and Inquiries: For further details of the conference please contact Dr. Changzoo Song, Organizing Committee Chair for the 10th PACKS 2010, School of Asian Studies, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.


The 10th Pacific-Asia Conference on Korean Studies (PACKS) 2010
Application Form
November 24 (Wednesday) -26 (Friday), 2010
University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

1. Title (Prof., Dr. Mr. Ms.) and Your Name (last, first):
2. Academic affiliation and Address:
3. Preferred Postal Address (if different from above):
4. E-mail:
5. Telephone and Fax:
6. Subject area of the submission (i.e., Anthropology, Archaeology, Arts, Business and Economics, Folklore, Pre-modern History, Modern History, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Politics, SociologyŠ.)
7. Paper/Panel title:
8. Abstract (250 words):
9. Keywords (3)
10. Gender: Male ( ) / Female ( )


* Pacific and Asia Conference on Korean Studies. Конференции PACKS (читается: ПАКС) - одно из двух крупнейших мировых собраний корееведов. Второе подобное собрание - конференции AKSE (читается: АКСЕ через э оборотное, ударение на "е"), The Associaiton of Korean Studies in Europe. Обе конференции проводятся попеременно, раз в два года. Конференция АКСЕ этого года будет проходить в июне в Лейдене (Нидерланды).
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