atsman (atsman) wrote,

Professors bark up the wrong tree

ВЧЕРА выразил недоумение акцией американских профессоров корейского происхождения (корейские в Корее пусть, что хотят, то и делают - они у себя дома), а сегодня узнал, что и в профессорском стане в Корее единства нет.

Проф. Ким Сонгон (Kim Seong-kon) из СНУ пишет:

Watching the press conference broadcasted by major television channels, however, many people may have wondered: "Aren't we now living in a democratic society where the freedom of press is fully guaranteed?" "Why did the professors remain silent when the Roh administration antagonized and suppressed the uncompromising press so vehemently a few years ago?" and, "Instead of condemning the South Korean government, aren't they supposed to issue a strong statement against North Korea that it should stop firing missiles and threatening the South?"


At this critical moment, the Korean professors seem to be barking up the wrong tree.

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