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ДЕЛО О НАСЛЕДНИКЕ (январь 2010 г.)

DailyNK сообщила о том, что 8 января, день рождения Ким Чжонына, третьего сына Ким Ченира, стало государственным (общенациональным) выходным днём.
Shenyang, China -- North Korea designated Kim Jong Eun’s birthday as a national commemorative holiday and ordered factories, enterprises and other party sub-organizations to carry out lectures by using recorded materials and loyalty singing gatherings.
A Daily NK source reported on Friday that, “On the 8th of January, workers all over the country were involved in athletics competitions, cultural performances and loyalty singing gatherings. In provincial party organizations, there were lectures for cadres listening to recorded materials distributed by the Central Committee of the Party.”
On the 4th, the Secretariat of the Workers’ Party released a decree to each local party organization to commemorate Kim Jong Eun’s birthday sincerely and significantly and the National Defense Commission also instructed each military unit to do the same.

С другой стороны, MBN, показавшая сюжет о маловероятности визита Ким Ченира в КНР, сообщила со ссылкой на некие источники, что журналисты явно "поспешили с информацией о выходном дне".
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