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УВЕРЕН, что университеты владеют этой информацией. Здесь дублирую на всякий случай.
Текст письма воспроизводится без изменений.

On behalf of the Korea Foundation, the Task Force on Korean Studies E-Resources would like to announce The Support for Korean Studies e-Resources. We have been received a number of inquiries on Korean e-resources from many of you who don’t have access to these resources at your own institution. We sincerely hope that institutions without any Korean studies librarian, in special, take full advantage of this Grant program. Please share the following information with librarians at your own institution.

1. Object of the Support program
In response to the growing significance of online resources for education and research purposes, the Korea Foundation has launched a new program “Support for Korean Studies e-Resources.” Under this initiative, the Foundation intends to provide program support to eligible universities to offset the user/subscription fees that are required to access online Korean Studies resources, for the benefit of Korea-related scholars and graduate students. This program will thus serve to complement the existing materials distribution program.

2. Summary of the Support program
- Application deadline: February 12, 2010
- Notification: by the end of February, 2010
- Scope of Support: Up to 50% of the user/subscription fees, but not to exceed $5,000
- Applicable e-resources: online DBs, e-journals, e-books, and other fee-based online DBs on Korean Studies provided by E-Korean Studies, Nurimedia, and RISS International, etc.

3. DBs and Collective Subscription price
E-Korean Studies and Nurimedia have been providing online services of vast and indispensable e-resources on Korean studies to students, faculty, and researchers worldwide. Please note that the Korea Foundation Support program is open to eligible institutions worldwide, whereas the price quoted below is limited to institutions in North America that don’t have a full-time Korean Studies librarian.

Currently, the Task Force finalized negotiations in group purchase deals with the following two database package products with two vendors:

E-Korean Studies ( 9 DBs at $4,560 per year
Koreanstudies Information Service System (KISS), KSI e-book, KoreaA2Z, Kdatabase, KPjournal, Digital Culture Art Course, Korean History & Culture Research DB, History Culture Series, and LawnB’s Legal Information Service

Nurimedia ( 2 DBs at $3,820 per year
DBpia and KRpia

For detailed information on each DB package product and any questions on Korean E-Resources, please contact Yunah Sung ( or any other Task Force members listed below.

4. Korea Foundation Contact Information
For further information on the Support program, please visit the Foundation website ( ). Any inquiries about this Support program or application procedures should be sent to the Foundation directly:
Ms. Kim Min-jeong
Senior Program Officer
Media Department, The Korea Foundation
Tel: (82 2) 2151-6543
Fax: (82 2) 2151-6592
Address: The Korea Foundation, JoongAng Ilbo Building, 18th Floor, Sunhwa-dong 7, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-759, Korea

Task Force on Korean Studies E-Resources
Mikyung Kang (, Harvard University
Miree Ku (, Duke University
Sun-Yoon Lee (, USC
Yunah Sung (, University of Michigan
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