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ДАВЫДЕНКО рассказал журналистам, что в его стране руководители страны тоже поздравляют спортсменов. Так, премьер Путин послал ему поздравление в связи с его победой на итоговом чемпионате мира в Лондоне, но поскольку не знал ни номера его сотового телефона, ни названия отеля (как же ФСБ?), где Давыденко остановился, то послал поздравление обычной почтой на домашний адрес в Москве. Когда, интересно, Давыденко попадёт в Москву?

Будут ли праздновать в России его победу, если он победит? "Не уверен, - ответил Коля, - на следующий день понедельник, а в понедельник всем на работу".

Заметка называется: Davydenko avoids break to love after comfortable win.

Nikolay Davydenko avoided a potential nasty argument with his wife Irina after she snuck into his Australian Open post-match media conference on Saturday. The sixth-seed had earlier dispatched Juan Monaco 6-0 6-3 6-4 on Margaret Court Arena to advance to the fourth round when he was asked by a journalist if he would (hypothetically) like to marry another tennis player.

"If I married another tennis player?" a bemused Davydenko responded. "Man or woman?," he added to laughter.

The 28-year-old then, with his eyes darting around the room and a broad grin spreading across his face, replied: "I have already wife. I have my beautiful wife. I don't want to have any...."

He was then cut off by Irina. "I hear you," she said, as her husband buried his head in his hands and the packed room burst into laughter. "She's here," he added before the journalist apologised for getting him into trouble.
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