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ИНСТРУМЕНТОМ, расположенным ближе, Господин Президент протыкал во мне дырки, другим выкачивал из банок воздух...


Мне стал интересен этот метод лечения (я подумал, что могу практиковать его сам, дома), и я отправился гуглить. Вот что я нашёл.

The organization of our body is such that as long as blood circulates freely without obstruction there is no reason for the body to become sick or die of old age. Unfortunately, as our body ages, disruption in blood circulation takes place, which gradually diminishes the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells, which weakens every organ's capacity and immune system. In the end, the aging process persists and, eventually, the body surrenders to the illness.

Then, what on Earth is the immediate cause behind disruption of blood circulation? That is none other than “formation of Eohyeol,”
(ёхёль 여혈 - "дурная, мёртвая кровь" - В.А.) and “increase in Eohyeol.” Specifically, disruption in blood circulation takes place as blood becomes corrupted. Eventually, sediments of dead microbes and pollutants accumulate in the blood vessels and block all possible avenues of blood flow. Due to dwindling supply of oxygen and nutrients, various biochemical activities begin to cease. Aging and illness becomes unavoidable.

Simcheon Sahyeol Treatment
(Симчхон 심천 - хо, почётное имя создателя этого метода лечения, учителя моего товарища, послужившее названием метода, сахёль 사혈 - "кровопускание" - В.А.) makes a logical approach to the problem of illness from the perspective of Eohyeol in the body, and manually performs “Eohyeol elimination,” for the body does not have the ability to eliminate Eohyeol itself. Simcheon Sahyeol Treatment has the recovery of the original biological function as its ultimate goal and foundation.

If you ask me how you can cure an illness, I will answer the same no matter what the illness: “Pull out Eohyeol”. With that, all circulatory illness can be cured completely.




Вылечив меня, Господин Президент сказал: "Прокатимся до клуба?". С удовольствием.

Прикатили в клуб, я сбегал в магазин...


Вернувшись домой, глянул на велокомпьютер - 76 км.
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